By combining painting and photography together, I create images that unite my fascination with the world around me and my obsession with the physicality of paint. Blending the two art forms is a process that results in images that are both real and imaginary.  The photographers gaze allows me to observe and archive reality, while the paint flows from my subconscious to my brush in marks that are uniquely my own.  

Each work on canvas is a narrative that is informed by memories, both personal and collective. Human and natural forms are transformed by the use of acrylic paint, image transfers or my printed photographs, drawings and paint skins. Details are found in layers often revealing something forgotten or missing from actual experiences.  A bright colorful palette reflects my life in the sub-tropics.


In my work I ask the viewer to engage by comparing what is photographic and what is paint, but also what is personal and universal. In the narrative it is my hope that they see my vision of how strange and wonderful life is and how beautiful nature is and the necessity of preserving it.